No Pain. No Gain.

Trust a local piercer in Flint, MI with your modification

Have you always wanted your nose or belly button pierced, but didn't have the courage? Come to Spiders Ink Tattoos & Piercings! Our local piercer will handle your piercing with care. Just sit back, relax and don't look at the needle.

We accept walk-ins and scheduled appointments. Stop by our studio in Flint, MI today. Please note that we do not perform dermal or dangerous surface piercings.

Embellish your body with jewels

Embellish your body with jewels

Whether you want a nose piercing or need to switch out your jewelry, you can trust our local piercer. Our studio was spotless before, but with COVID-19 floating among us, it's more sanitized than ever. You'll feel at ease knowing that we're implementing COVID-specific cleaning procedures and practicing social distancing for your safety.

Just do it! Come to our studio in Flint, MI for your nose piercing today.